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TourCreator editors:

How to place Text hotspot

1. In select hotspot type dialog choose Text hotspot.
Either in Upper menu or in Main hotspot editor menu.

2. Select or create data info for this hotspot. (Look how to create data info).
When the info created you can use it multi times in hotspots, inforboxes or infoboxHS.

Select info

3. Press "Place hotspot" button.
Hotspot will appear at the center of the screen. Drag-and-drop it to new position.

4. Select css for hotspot's text formatting
You can make changes for css in openstyle.xml

Select style and css

5. Select hotspot width

6. Select style for formatting hotspot. You can choose "Create style" and change any parameter of formatting: backgroundalpha, backgroundcolor, borderalpha, bordercolor, borderwidth, roundedge and shadow.
You can make changes for styletexths in openstyle.xml

7. If you make changes in html, press "save info" button.

8. Select action for hotspot.
Available 5 internal actions and any custom action on your choice.

Select action for hotspot

9. Add textonhover (optional)
When you select "Load scene" textonhover will appears as scene title.

Add text onhover.

10. You can show hotspot permanently all video time (default).
To change: uncheck box "show hotspot all time"
Select start and end time to show hotspot.

Select start and end time to show hotspot.