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TourCreator editors:

How to place Polygonal hotspots.

1. In select hotspot type dialog choose Polygonal hotspot.
Either in Upper menu or in Main hotspot editor menu.

Polygonal hotspot

2. Rotate and zoom pano so, that you can see all hotspot area.

3. Press "start hotspot" button.

4. Click points around hotspot area.

5. When done, press "finish hotspot" button. Hotspot will appear on it's place.

Polygonal hotspot

6. Change hotspot alpha, if need.

7. Select action for hotspot.
Available 5 internal actions and any custom action on your choice.

Select action for hotspot

8. Add textonhover (optional)
When you select "Load scene" textonhover will appears as scene title.

Add text onhover.

9. You can show hotspot permanently all video time (default).
To change: uncheck box "show hotspot all time"
Select start and end time to show hotspot.

Select start and end time to show hotspot.

Note: 1. Due to the frequent system messages of the video interface, the polygon during drawing disappear with the rate of this messages. It's not comfortable. But you get result when press "finish hotspot".

2. When you press "finish hotspot" the program will write polygonal hotspot to xml. To delete polygonal hotspot use Delete Hotspot editor.