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TourCreator editors:

How to place Image hotspot

1. In select hotspot type dialog choose Image hotspot.
Either in Upper menu or in Main hotspot editor menu.

Select image hotspot in upper menu

2. Select image on your computer.

Select image hotspot in main menu

This image will be saved in hotspot directory with new name:
scene name_hsname.extension
If the width or the height of the source image is larger than 1000px, it will be resized.

Select image

3. Hotspot will appear at the center of the screen. Drag-and-drop it to new position.

4. Enable distortion, if need. Rotate hotspot around x, y and z axis.

5. Select action for hotspot.
Available 5 internal actions and any custom action on your choice.

Select action for hotspot

6. Add textonhover (optional)
When you select "Load scene" textonhover will appears as scene title.

Add textonhover

7. You can show hotspot permanently all video time (default).
To change: uncheck box "show hotspot all time"
Select start and end time to show hotspot.

Select start and end time to show hotspot.