PanoVideo Creator Pro



TourCreator editors:

How to open tour for edit

Open tour

1. Select "start edit" editor in upper menu or in main start menu.

2. Select path to the krpano tools on your computer.

3. Select path to the tour (html file).

4. Press "open tour"

How to edit common settings.

1. Select "Edit tour" in upper menu.

In this editor you can change:
the common tour settings - tour title, start scene in tour, appearance of preview navigation.
the scenes settings - scene's title, start time for scene video (html5 only), start view for video.

Common settings editor

Select start scene

1. Select scene to load first

2. Press "save"

Note: Static tour and panovideo tour have different actions for tour load. If you create mixed tour this function doesn't work

Select scene

Include preview navigation.

1. Check up " Include preview navigation"

2. Select additional settings for preview: show thumbs text, show tooltips, show scrall buttons, dragging or onhoverscralling thumbs.

Edit scene settings.

1. Select scene for edit


2. Write new scene title and save it.
The title will be used as tooltip for scene, in preview navigation, as tooltip for hotspot linked with this scene.

Start time

3. Write the start time for scene video (html5 only). Press "save".

Start view.

1. Either enter start values for scene load (hfov, vfov, fov)

2. Or press "Select View" and select start view in browser.