Tour Creator Pro

Tour settings editor

It is a powerful tool that allows:

Tour design

This instrument allows you to use 11 pre-installed designs or create your own original tour design.
Together with the ability to edit the skin style, it gives an unlimited number of combinations.
You can also create your own design by removing the skin and creating your own set of buttons in layer editor.

Select skin style

Select the "skin style" tab and in the window that opens, select one of the eleven designs for your tour.
When saving, you will receive not only a new set of buttons in the bottom menu (called a “skin”), but also a new color scheme for different elements of the tour, including the top menu, extraskin, tooltips, etc. When you save the skin, the images for the "icon hotspots" and extraskin are also changed.

  1. Open tour settings/tour design/select skin style
  2. Click button with skin name. In the right side of the panel will appear the image of the skin.
  3. Press save.

When you save the skin:

  • Skin buttons change.
  • Change the background, border settings and text settings for skin.
  • Change the background, border settings for extraskin, top menu, tooltips, etc.
  • Change icons for icon hotspot and extraskin.

Edit skin style

To create your own color solution of the selected design, use the tab "edit skin style". All changes are visible on the screen.

  • Open the tab tour settings/tour design/edit skin style
  • Select settings
  • Click save

In the edit skin style editor make your settings for:

  • Skin background: border, color, alpha, roundedge.
  • Skin background border: color, alpha, width.
  • Skin thumbs border: color, alpha, width.
  • Skin shadow: color, alpha, width, shift,blur.
  • Skin text: color, shadow width.

When you save the settings for skin:

  • Change the background, border settings and text settings for skin.
  • Change the background, border settings for extraskin, top menu, tooltips, etc.

Delete skin, create own skin

If you are not satisfied with any of the suggested skins or want to create your own, remove the bottom menu by pressing the "Delete Skin" button. This will not affect any other tour constructions.
To create your own skin, use the layer editor.
Group all the buttons into a container called "customskin". In this case, you can use the action "hideCustomMenu();" which will remove all items from the screen.
Note: When creating buttons, if you do not find the desired action in the drop-down list, you can enter any action through the "custom action". All actions for the skin buttons can be found in the skin/vturskin.xml file inside the tour.

Restore defaults

You can click the Restore defaults button to restore the skin that appears when creating a tour, with its starting settings.

Common settings.
Settings inside this tab allow you to customize the appearance of various elements within the tour. For example, you can choose whether to use the thumbs navigation? Whether to show tooltips for hotspots, points on the map, thumbs or not? Whether to use the address bar inside the tour? Whether to use a gyroscope? Whether to start the tour with "little planet" view, etc? Try to save different settings to understand how they work.

Project and tour title.
This tab allows you to name the tour. The project title will be displayed in the address bar of the browser when published on the Internet. The tour title will be displayed in the address bar of the tour. The titles may be the same or different. Try to give short names.

Note: You can mark "use same name for project and tour" before write title. In this case both field will be fill simultaneously.

First scene.
This tab allows you to assign a panorama that will appear first when loading a tour.

Note: The panorama is assigned programmatically and does not affect the order of the panoramas in the thumb navigation, in group menu, etc. To change the order of the panoramas, use the "rearrange panos" function in the first tab.

Select transition type.
This tab allows to select the type of the transition between panos.

Note: 1. On most devices, the type of transition selected in the left pane will work. 2. All transition types except the default work only in HTML5 browsers.

Use extraskin.
This tab allows you to choose whether to use extraskin buttons on the tour and to assign their position on the screen.

Note: Extraskin buttons allow you to manage various types of information: sound, video, plans, galleries, html pages, social share buttons. These buttons appear only if there is information associated with this panorama. For example, you have plans for the first, second and third floors of the building represented on the tour. The "plan" button will show the plan of the floor with which this panorama is connected. Or you have audio guid for several panoramas inside your tour. The sound button will appear only inside those panoramas for which there is an audio guide and will turn on / off the corresponding sound. The same applies to galleries, videos, illustrated information. Only the social share button will be on the screen all the time (if used). Thus, the set of extraskin buttons inside the tour may be different from one panorama to other depending on the information saturation.

Add start actions. Creating an Auto Show.
This tool allows you to animate the beginning of the tour. (Remember that you also can animate the start of each panorama).

View animation

View animation allows you to make the first panorama rotate with zoom in/out and with/without changing the type of projection. You can also set the time before the beginning of the animation and the time of changes in seconds.

Show text

Show text allows you to show text at the start of the tour, set the font size and color, the time before the start of the animation, the time when the caption fade in, the time it is displayed and the time it fade out. Simple formatting is available.


Show image

Show image allows you to show image at the start of the tour, set the start and the end alpha, the time it is fade in, the time it is displayed and the time it fade out.

Start custom actions

Custom actions allows you to insert your own sequence of actions.

All actions can be shown simultaneously. In this case, a good idea would be to reconcile their time of appearance and disappearance.
Animation can be removed at any time.
Note: The display of program animation may vary slightly on different devices, depending on the speed of the Internet, the performance of the processor, video card, etc.

Tour logo.

This feature allows you to put your logo on the tour and give a link to the site.
In the tour is reserved a place for the logo in the upper right corner.
If you use the top menu in the horizontal display, the width of the logo will be taken into account and the menu will switch to vertical mode without hitting the logo.
If you use the standard extraskin position in the upper right corner, the extraskin buttons will be located under the logo.
If you want to use an other position of the logo, use the layer editor, place the image and set as the action openurl();.

Tour sound.


  1. The sound of the tour will not turn off when switching between panoramas.
  2.  A separate sound can be added for each panorama. In this case, the sound button will first turn off the sound of the tour, if it is playing, and then turn on the sound of the panorama. If the sound of the tour is off, the button will immediately turn on the sound of the panorama.
  3. If there is no sound in the panorama, the button will turn on / off the sound of the tour.

How to add sound for the whole tour.