Tour Creator Pro

Scene(panorama) settings editor

This is a powerful set of tools that allows you to create individual informational saturation for each panorama on a tour, control the appearance and animate panoramas.

Scene(panorama) settings editor is the set of tools for editing a separate panorama inside the tour.

Start view.

Allows you to set the initial view for the panorama. The panorama will be loaded with this view, unless another one is assigned in the view animation.

Scene title.

Allows you to give a new name to the panorama. It will be used in the address bar, pop-up hints, captions thumbs, plans, etc.

How to use:

Note: when loading the panel, the fields are filled with the current values.

New preview.

How to use:

View restriction (partial pano).

Limiting the view in the panorama allows you to show not the entire panorama of 360x180 degrees, but limit its output to only a part. There are many reasons for this limitation. For example, you do not want to close the place where the tripod was located on the source images. In this case, you limit the view down. Or a beautiful view on the one hand does not match the garbage dump on the other. In this case, you limit the view horizontally. Or combine both limitations.

How to use:

1. Panorama will be shown in the range between the minimum and maximum values.
2. You can limit only the vertical view, or only the horizontal view, or combine restrictions.
3. To get the value of the view horizontally (hlookat) and view vertically (vlookat), click the "get view" button. Values will be obtained from the center of the screen.

Start actions

Note: Auto show can then be recorded as a movie using a video editor.

View animation

View animation allows you to make the panorama:

Set :

How to use:

Show text

Show text allows you:

Simple formatting is available.

How to use:

Show image

Show image allows you:

How to use:

Custom actions

Custom actions allows you to insert your own sequence of actions.

How to use:

Note: The display of program animation may vary slightly on different devices, depending on the speed of the Internet, the performance of the processor, video card, etc.

Scene sound.


How to add scene sound:

Scene video.

How to add in-build video:

How to add Youtube video:

Note: Use the last part of the url. For example:, use: 7VBgtTmcU8M

Scene info.

How to add scene info:

Note: edit infobox style in infobox editor.

Scene gallery.

How to add scene gallery:

Scene plan.

How to add scene plan: