Tour Creator Pro

Publish editor

This tool allows you to prepare a tour for publication on the Internet or on your local computer.
You can choose from a variety of options to protect your work.
The editor will automatically encrypt the required xml files and save their copies.
You can also use a variety of options to protect the viewer.
after publication the tour will not be editable. Files tour.xml and openstyles.xml will be encrypted.
The program will save them in the internal memory.
To make the tour editable again use start/open published tour. This option will remove protection from xml files, tour.js and tour.swf

  1. Select the project you want to publish (the default is the project you are working on).
  2. Click the publish button.
  3. The program will prepare all the necessary files for publication.
  4. Close the program.
  5. To publish on the Internet, place all the files from the vtour directory on the server and give a link to the tour.html file.
  6. To display inside the site, use the tag <iframe> ... </ iframe>, or another suitable tag.
  7. To display on a local computer start krpano_testingserver.exe/.macos