Tour Creator Pro

Menu editor

This tool allows you to add a 2-level drop-down menu to the tour.
The number of items in the menu is not limited for either the first or the second level.
The menu design is fully customizable.
The menu has vertical and horizontal output. Choose which one you like best. If all menu items do not fit on the screen, the menu will automatically rearrange for vertical output and a scroll function will appear. You can be sure that all your menu items will be available to the user on any device.
To create a menu, simply enter a list of items. At any time you can add, delete or edit any menu item.
Select a menu item and assign any action to the click. There are 14 built-in actions. Or you can assign your own.
It should be noted two actions: the display of all panoramas of the tour and the display of a group of panoramas. Selecting these actions will open a vertically scrolling bar with icons of panoramas and their names. This is a good choice for visual display of sections of your tour.
To create a second level, select the menu item and assign as action open submenu. Then make a list of drop-down items. Assign an action for each item. You can add, edit and delete submenu items.
To change the menu design, select the appropriate tab. Choose horizontal or vertical layout. Set the size and color of the font. Set the width of the output fields for the menu items (width may be different for level 1 and 2). Select the shift of the fields relative to each other vertically and horizontally. Select the color and transparency of the background, the border parameters and the roundness of the field corners.