Tour Creator Pro

Menu editor


Adaptation for screen resolution

Create/edit menu.

Add menu items 1st level

Item title.

How to edit:

Item action

Menu editor allows to assign on menu item click any action:

How to edit:

Special actions.

Special actions allows to create 2-nd level for menu.

This action allows to crete text submenu. Read more.

Show all panos

Show group of panos

Build-in actions

Custom action.

Edit menu.

Delete menu items.

In the main menu panel select "delete items".

Add menu items 2nd level.

Edit/Delete submenu items.

Menu settings.

How to use:


Horizontal and vertical layout.

Width of menu and submenu items

Vertical and horizontal shift of items.

Note: 2nd level (submenu) allways builds in verttical layout.

Menu style.