Tour Creator Pro

Map editor

This tool allows you to create a map plan on the tour.
The number of plans on the tour is unlimited. For example, you can create a separate plan for each floor of the building.
By default, the icon appears in the panoramas marked on the plan. When you click on it, the associated plan opens. In other panoramas, when you click on this icon, another plan may open. This function can be abandoned in the settings of the tour.
You can select a picture for the map, assign its size and transparency. In any case, the size of the plan will be adapted to the screen size of the user device.
You can quickly place points on the plan and link panoramas to them. You can choose pictures on your computer for regular and active points.
Optionally, you can assign a radar display over the active point, which shows where the panorama is looking. You can configure all the parameters of the radar (scale, color, alpha, linecolor, linewidth, radar heading) for this plan. A convenient mechanism allows you to quickly orient the radar in the right direction.
The plan can be shown in response to any user action: click on a layer, hotspot, menu item, etc. Action: openplan(planname);