Tour Creator Pro

Html-page (infobox) editor

This is the main tool for creating information blocks in the tour (you can meet the term: HTML page, infobox, data:info).

You can set the width of the infobox in pixels or percent.
The height of the infobox automatically adjusts to the screen size.
If all information does not fit on the screen, the scroll function and scroll bar appear. (The appearance of the scroll bar can be canceled in the infobox design settings).
Action to call infobox with pixel width: infobox_px(infoname,200);
Action to call infobox with percent width: infobox_pct(infoname,70);

Create/edit infobox
Text. In the input box, write or paste text. Format it using the available tags (head 1, head2, paragraph, order list, unorder list, carriage return, bold, italic). Note: css style for formatting you can find in openstyles.xml/data name="cssIB"
Images. Click the mouse cursor in the input box outside the paragraph or title tags. Click the image button and select an image on your computer. Select the options for the image preview - size and position on the page. Additionally, you can enter tooltip and the border color and width. The image and preview will be saved in the image folder.
A text link to the image construction appears in the input box.
When rendering the infobox, a preview will appear. When clicking on it, a large image will open. If use, tooltip will be shown.
Links. Select text and press"link" button. Enter the link. It will be render as href value.
Note: if you have experience you can enter action as href value.

Infobox design.
All infoboxes inside the tour are shown in the same style.
To change the style, open the tab. Select the color and transparency of the background. Select the color, width and transparency of the border. Select the rounded edges of the field.
Choose whether to show the scroll bar. Infobox will scroll anyway.
All settings for the infobox (including the scrollbar URL) are stored in openstyles.xml/style name="styleinfobox"

Note: In order to create a vertical gallery, create an infobox and place images into it as described above. Sign them if necessary. To display such a gallery, use the infobox call.

How to insert link on external html.

Note: the editor will create link on iframe with external html page.