Tour Creator Pro

Image hotspot

How to place:



Hotspot actions.
Select action for hotspot from the drop-down menu.
Available 10 in-build actions and any custom action on your choice.

How to use in-build actions, please look in corresponding section.

Text onhover (optional)
Write any text that will be appears when mouse will be onhover hotspot.
When you need no text, leave text box empty.

When you select "Load scene" or "Load scene with set view" text box will be filled with scene title. In this case on mouse onhover will be appeared not only hotspot text, but also scene thumb as preview (tooltip with image).
To avoid preview leave text box empty.
To change appearance of the scene preview, select "Edit openstyle.xml" in "Test tour" menu, and either select one of two text style with name "hsShowNextSceneStyle" or edit it.

<textstyle name="hsShowNextSceneStyle" background="true" backgroundcolor="get:skin_settings.design_bgcolor" backgroundalpha="get:skin_settings.design_bgalpha" border="true" borderwidth="2" bordercolor="0x810E21" roundedge="10" textcolor="0xffffff" padding="5" textalign="center" font="Arial" fontsize="14" edge="cursor" xoffset="0" yoffset="130" />

Hotspot style (Optionally)
To change appearance and behavior of Image hotspot, find in openstyles.xml text style with name styleimagehs and edit it.

<style name="styleimagehs" edge="top" oy="0" tooltip="" ondown="if(googleanalyt.hotspotclick,js(ga('send','event', 'hotspot', 'click')););" onclick="if(hsonclick, skin_hidetooltips();hsonclick,if(linkedscene, skin_hidetooltips(); tween(scale,0.25,0.5); tween(oy,-20,0.5); tween(alpha,0,0.5); looktohotspot(); loadscene(get(linkedscene),null,get(skin_settings.loadscene_flags),get(skin_settings.loadscene_blend)); skin_updatescroll1(); ););" onloaded="if(textonhover AND linkedscene===null AND onhover===null,copy(tooltip,textonhover); loadstyle(skin_tooltips););if(skin_settings.tooltips_hotspots, if(linkedscene AND textonhover===null, copy(tooltip,scene[get(linkedscene)].title); loadstyle(skin_tooltips);););if(textonhover AND linkedscene,onhoverNextScene(get(name),get(linkedscene),'hsShowNextSceneStyle'););"/>