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Flyout hotspot

Advantages of flyout hotspot:

  1. Very easy to place
  2. Visual effect of flying out

Disadvantages of flyout hotspot:

How to place:



Text onhover (optional)
Write any text that will be appears when mouse will be onhover hotspot.
When you need no text, leave text box empty.

Hotspot style (Optionally)
To change appearance and behavior of Flyout hotspot, find in openstyles.xml text style with name styleflyouths and edit it.

<style name="styleflyouths" tooltip="" distorted="true" flying="0.0" flystate="0" backup_state="" backup_zorder="" flying_state="in" backup_rx="0" backup_ry="0" backup_rz="0" backup_scale="0" capture="false" ondown="if(googleanalyt.hotspotclick,js(ga('send','event', 'hotspot', 'click')););" onclick="flyout_hotspot();" onloaded="if(textonhover AND skin_settings.tooltips_hotspots,copy(tooltip,textonhover); loadstyle(skin_tooltips););" />