Tour Creator Pro

Gallery editor

This tool allows you to create an image gallery in the tour.
The number of galleries is not limited.
The number of images in the gallery is not limited.
For each gallery you can create your own design. Or use once selected.
It is also possible to change the design of the finished image gallery.
When you create a gallery you can call it in response to any event on the tour. For example: click on a layer, hotspot, menu item, etc.

To create a gallery, select images on your computer. Images can be in different directories. If necessary, change the order of the images, delete or add new ones.
Select sizes for previews. The previews will appear in the gallery's scroll bar. You can make them one size or keep the proportions of the original image. You can set for the preview the width and color of the border.
Choose the maximum size for large images.
Set the gallery width in percent and height in pixels. When choosing a height, focus on the height of the preview. Set the color and alpha of the background. These parameters can be changed at any time.
The program will automatically create the necessary preview files. If necessary, reduce and optimize large images. And save all files in a folder with the name of the gallery inside the image directory.
Inside the tour.xml a gallery construction will be created with the specified name. (Give the right names.)
To call gallery use action: buildgallery(galleryname);

Note: To create a vertical gallery with signed images, use the infobox editor.