Tour Creator Pro

Extra skin functions

Extraskin is a set of buttons that appear in a tour or a separate panorama(scene) only if information or a function is added to a tour or panorama. Information is added via tab "tour settings" or "scene settings". Extraskin include buttons: social share, sound, info, image, gallery, video, map.

  1. The button appears in the panorama only if the information or function is present.
  2. A set of extraskin buttons may vary from panorama to panorama.
  3. The button will show information or switch the function associated with this panorama. In different panoramas the same button will show different information.
  4. If information was added via the tour settings tab, then the button associated with it is visible in all tour panoramas. If information was added through the scene settings tab, then the button associated with it is visible only in a specific panorama.

For example, you decided to create an audio guide for each panorama inside the tour and provide each panorama with accompanying information. But to one panorama you added an image gallery, and to another youtube video. In addition, you decided to add a social share function for the whole tour. In this case, the social share button will be common to all panoramas. In all the panoramas there will be a sound button, but it will turn on / off the audio tour for each panorama. Also, the info button will show its information block for each panorama. In one panorama there will be a gallery button. And in the other there will be a video button. In all other panoramas these buttons will not be.

In the "tour settings" tab, you can cancel the display of the extraskin buttons. You can also assign an extraskin position on the screen.

Additionally, you can change the design for the whole extraskin panel. There is no visual editor for this feature, but you can change all settings in openstyles.xml/style name="extraskinstyle"