Tour Creator Pro

Audio editor

Audio editor is a built-in tool. There is no separate tab to calling it. It is called when adding sound to a tour or a separate scene.
The number of audio files in the tour is unlimited.
Audio editor converts the selected audio file on the computer into the required formats (.mp3 and .ogg) and adds the code necessary for playing the sound inside the tour.
You can choose the sound volume.
You can choose how many times the sound will be repeated (loop).
You can choose whether the sound will be played when the tour loads or when a button is pressed for tour sound.
The editor adds sound on/off button to extra skin by default.
If you add tour sound then the switch sound button appears in all panoramas.
If you add scene (panorama) sound then the switch sound button appears only in associated panoramas. When you click on the button, the sound associated with this panorama will be played. When you switch to another panorama, the sound is turned off.