Tour Creator Pro

Standard actions

How to use

Load scene
Allows to load scene with standard start view.

Load scene with set view
Allows to load scene with defined for this action start view.

Show image
Allows to show large image at the center of the screen.
If the image size exceed 80% of the screen width or height it will be reduce to this size.

If you need to resize image or create border, use Image editor from "add functions" menu.

Info relative width (%)

How to use

Info absolute width (px)

How to use

Open url
Allows to open external url

Show gallery

You can create vertical subscribe gallery via "Info editor". Use "Info absolute width (px)" in this case.

Show plan

If you use radar in map plan and call this plan from the scene that does not link with this plan, then radar will have no parent. It will be placed at the left top corner of the plan. To avoid this situation, either call plan only from the scene, linked with this plan. Either not use radar in this plan.

Show inbuilt video

Video editor will prepare .mp4 , .webm and .jpeg files and save them in separate folder inside video folder of the tour.

Show youtube video

Custom action