Tour Creator Pro

TourCreator Pro

TourCreator Pro is an easy-to-use , and high-performance professional software to create and edit Interactive Virtual Tours that can be shows on all type of the devices.

This is the WYSIWYG editor with intuitive interface that allow to create tour in a few clicks. All elements and functions you add, you can see in your tour (or single spherical panorama) immediately.

Free trial version with all functions. 10 days of free usage. Try it now and create tours.

Tours works stable both on html5 and on flash.
All types of the devices.
All types of the operation systems
Support all browsers.
Supports different screen resolutions.

Create tour editor.
Tour settings editor
Scene settings editor
Hotspot editor

Allows to add, edit and delete all types of hotspot:
Allows to order different actions on hotspot click:
Additionally you can add any text as hotspot hint.

Map editor
Video editor
Menu editor
Gallery editor
Image editor
Html-page (info) editor
Social share plugin
Google Analitic plugin

Some settings that are not available in editors may be changed in openstyle.xml.
This makes virtual tour completely customizable.
Available styles for:

Edit notes:
It is possible to edit tour.xml in any external editor. Save your changes and reload tour.
It is also possible to edit tour in Krpano Tools editor. Be careful with krpano version in this case.

VR notes:

  1. Select vr-optimized droplet to create tour or add scenes.
  2. Only image and textfield-vr hotspots are available.
  3. All layers and other hotspot disappears in vr-mode.
  4. Only "load scene" available as hotspot action. All other actions does not work proper way.
  5. Test tour in external browser.