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Publication Editor

Publication Editor.

  1. Tour.xml and vtourskin.xml are always encrypted. This is the best way to preserve your tour from modify by other people.
  2. Select domains (one or multi) from which you allow to show the tour.
  3. Order expire date to show the tour.
  4. Insert the water mark with custom text in your tour that can be removed only by you.

Publish and protect xml.

  1. When your tour is ready press “Publish tour” button. This will create directory “publish” inside of your tour directory. Xml file inside this publish directory will be automatically encrypted. Nobody can edit it. All you need is to upload all files from publish directory on server, memory card, etc.
  2. Other protection settings are optional.

Protect domain

  1. Select html5 (.js) and flash (.swf) viewers.
  2. If you need, set expire date. After this date the viewers will stop show the tour.
  3. If you need, set limit domains. One or more. The tour can be show only from these allow domains.
  4. Press “Add domain” to add domain to the list.
  5. In the open window insert address of allow domain. ‘http://www’ will be automatically removed.
  6. When you add all allow domains press “Protect domain” button.

Add watermark

  1. Select “Add watermark”
  2. Write the text of the watermark
  3. Save watermark

When you publish your tour and upload all files on server, it’s a good idea to delete the publish directory. You can create the new one any time you make some changes.

Never publish opened xml from your main directory.