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Interactive Map Editor

Interactive Map Editor.

  1. Add interactive maps: Bing or Google in your tour.
  2. Provides interface to easy placement hotspots on the map and linking them with scenes.

Add interactive map to the tour.

  1. You need to have krpano Maps Plugin License
  2. Select “Include interactive map button in skin” It will show in skin button to show/hide map
  3. Select Bing/Google map to use. Bing maps available in flash and html5 panoramas. Google maps available only in html5.
  4. For Bing map insert Bing map API key. Register to get it. For Google maps no API key is need.
  5. Optionally. Select “Show map zoom buttons”
  6. Press “Save map settings” button

Add map spots

  1. Select scene linked with the spot.
  2. Enter latitude of the place (it’s easier to get it on Bing Service)
  3. Enter longitude of the place (it’s easier to get it on Bing Service)
  4. Press “Save spot” button
  5. Repeat operations for other scenes linked with map spots.

A special button will be appear to show interactive map

To test Bing/Google maps on flash you need to publish your tour.