TourCreator is an easy-to-use , and high-performance professional software to create and edit Interactive Virtual Tours that can be shows on all type of the devices: computers, tablets, mobiles.

This is the WYSIWYG editor with intuitive interface that allow to create tour in a few clicks. All elements and functions you add, you can see in your tour (or single spherical panorama) immediately after you save your changes or after you reload tour.

Tours works stable both on html5 and on flash.

All types of the devices: computers, tablets, mobiles, etc.

You can show interactive virtual tours on all types of the operation systems (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)

Support all browsers.

Supports different screen resolutions.

PanoVideo Creator

PanoVideo Creator is the WYSIWYG editor (GUI) that allows to prepare panovideo files to show on different devices, combine video into virtual tours and create the user interface for this tours.
The editor is based on krpano viewer (use version 1.19.5 and higher) and PanoVideo Converter.
There are three main versions of the program, that have the different set of functions. Select one that correspond your purposes.

PanoVideo Creator

The main advantages:

PanoVideo Converter (free)

PanoVideo Converter is the free program aims to prepare panovideo, video and audio to publish in virtual tours.
Converter creates a set of files that provides the show of the virtual tour in all types of devices.

PanoVideo Converter is the set of instruments: