TourCreator Pro

This example demonstrates the creation of your own design, different types of navigation, different informational saturation of panoramas.
In the tour is use the top menu, its visual and text part. All panoramas are divided into three groups.
For each group created its own plan.
With the help of the layer editor for the tour created custom skin.
Each panorama has its own information page and gallery. They can be called by pressing the extraskin button.
Also via extraskin can be called social networks buttons.
Additionally, for the transitions between panoramas used text and icons hotspots. On the 2-nd floor panoramas are loaded with a pre-installed view.
The park uses text animation at the start of the panorama. An interactive map is used for the park.

This tour demonstrates the combination of using the "htmlpage inside pano" plugin and TourCreator Pro.

This tour demonstrates the use of the top menu, its text part. Custom skin. Plans and interactive map. Brief info for rooms. One sound for whole tour.

This example demonstrates the ability to display your tour in automatic playback mode, as well as the creation of a presentation video from static panoramas.
For each panorama created a set of events (start actions), which successively replace each other, and then there is a transition to the next panorama.
Animation affects not only the movement of the panorama (rotation, zoom, transitions, show text, etc...), but also a simulation of user actions (in this case, showing a picture for a hotspot click). Additionally, the possibility of assigning the number of animation repetitions is shown. In first scene animation repeat once, in second - twice, in third - each time you enter the scene.
After the user actions, the animation is interrupted and the tour goes into the normal display mode.
This tour animation using video editor was recorded as a video presentation. You can watch the finished video adapted for the web through the top menu or the extraskin button in the first scene.

PanoVideo Creator pro

Example of mixed tour with static and panovideo scenes.