Latest changes:

TourCreator Pro v2.1
Layer editor. Allows to create text and image layers.
Also possible to group layers into containers.
New menu editor.
Different improvements.
New license type.

TourCreator Pro v1.10
Direct xml editor for hotspot.
Select hotspot and set value. for any atribute.

TourCreator Pro v1.9
Add functions to hotspot editor and tour editor.

Available documentation for hotspot editor (TourCreator Pro)

TourCreator Pro v1.6
Small improvements
Prevents errors on loading tours created in other editors.

TourCreator Pro v1.5
Save multi TourCreator projects
Simple way to edit different projects.

TourCreator Pro v1.4
Upgrade upper menu editor. Add a lot of functions.
Add actions to hotspot click.

TourCreator Pro v1.3
Little improvements. Text vr hotspot now available for edit.

TourCreator Pro v1.2
Small changes in video editor.
Tour animation rendered now to avi files.
It's allows to process them in Adobe Premier' or Camtasia Studio.

21.09.2017 Version 1.2 Pro

TourCreator Pro

TourCreatorPro_v2.1 (build 2018-09-01)

Download version for windows (build 2018-09-01) (Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, 32 and 64bit, ZIP)

Download program from this site. When you buy the program, you should receive lisense key.

There are different types of licenses for TourCreator Pro.

All versions have the same functions. No restrictions in use. Only different periods of valid license.

Attention. When you buy restrict version for 1, 10, 30 or 185 days you can use it only once. After the period of usage you need either to buy other restrict version or transfer to the normal license.

Trial version. Try the program now. No restrictions in use. The free period - 1 day. Download program and enter this license key: dkfgh-xjdkn-ckei3-sk8dn

* VAT: Depending on your country or company status VAT may be added to the price. In the Share‑It order form select your country and enter your VAT/UID number to remove the VAT. The correct price will be shown on the next page in the order form.

The ordering process and the license-key generation and delivering is fully automated by Share‑It / MyCommerce. After the ordering, the license keys will be generated and sent to you via mail, depending on the payment method either within a few minutes or at least within 48 hours.

For further questions about the ordering and payment process, please have at look here:
Share-It Customer Care Center.