TourCreator Pro v2.6
Significant interface changes in Map Editor.
Simplified plans creation.
Select different position and alpha for each plan.
Select different on hover actions for spot.
Some other small changes.

TourCreator Pro v2.5
Available direct edit skin design.

TourCreator Pro v2.4
Fix error in appearance of extra skin in versions 2.1 - 2.3
New behavior for tour and scene sound.

TourCreator Pro v2.3
Fix the problem with white space in file path that affected the work of krpano droplets, video and sound converter.
Now it is possble to use any path to the files.
It's also possible to use "read only", "archive" and "hidden" files.

TourCreator Pro v2.2
It's possible to select 11 predefined tour style.
6 buttons set from Tour Creator.

TourCreator Pro v2.1
Layer editor. Allows to create text and image layers.
Also possible to group layers into containers.
New menu editor.
Different improvements.
New license type.

TourCreator Pro v1.10
Direct xml editor for hotspot.
Select hotspot and set value for any atribute.

TourCreator Pro v1.9
Add functions to hotspot editor and tour editor.

Available documentation for hotspot editor (TourCreator Pro)

TourCreator Pro v1.6
Small improvements
Prevents errors on loading tours created in other editors.

PanoVideo Creator Pro v2.2
Small improvements
Fixed bugs.

TourCreator Pro v1.5
Available new version
Save multi TourCreator projects
Simple way to edit different projects.

TourCreator Pro v1.4
Available new version
Upgrade upper menu editor. Add a lot of functions.
Add actions to hotspot click.

TourCreator Pro v1.3
Available new version
Little improvements. Text vr hotspot now available for edit.

PanoVideo Creator Pro v2.1
Available new trial version with all functions.
Test period - 10 days. Try it now and create tours.

TourCreator Pro v1.2
Small changes in video editor.
Tour animation rendered now to avi files.
It's allows to process them in Adobe Premier' or Camtasia Studio.

TourCreator Pro v1.1
Completly the new program to create and edit virtual tours, create autotours, create films from tours.
Inbuilt socialshare plugin, googleanalitic plugin, hotspot editor, image editor, gallery editor, html page editor, map editor.
Free trial version with all functions.
Documentation and examples in work.
The start price - 75 Euro.

PanoVideo Creator Pro v2.1
Basic changes in the program.
Now it's available to add video scenes both with static or video interface.
Static interface is necessary to create tour when you need in vr mode. This overcomes the problem with the disappearance of the vr cursor.
Video interface is necessary when you need in the time-depends functions: seek bar, video time, appearance of the hotspots at specific time, etc.
Additionally this means that now you can use PanoVideo Creator Pro to edit both traditional virtual tours and tours with 360 video.
It's available to create in static tour all types of menu (including list menu, group menu, vr menu, etc), place different types of hotspots, create different type of infoboxes, add all in-build and custom actions, edit some tours and scenes settings.


Advantages of memory release on load new panovideo.
New type of menu navigation - place panovideo in groups.
Upgrade example for 360 video usage.

PanoVideo Creator Pro v1.6
The new version of PanoVideoConverter_v1.6. Fixed bug with thread processing on win8/win10

The new versions of the programmes:
Tour Creator Lite v4.1
PanoVideo Creator Pro v1.4
Improved the stability of work in the trial and full versions.

PanoVideo Converter v1.1

PanoVideo Converter is the free program aims to prepare panovideo, video and audio to publish in virtual tours.
Converter creates a set of files that provides the show of the virtual tour in all types of devices.
Version 1.1 works with panovideo files.

TourCreator Pro

TourCreator Pro is an easy-to-use , and high-performance professional software to create and edit Interactive Virtual Tours that can be shows on all type of the devices.

This is the WYSIWYG editor with intuitive interface that allow to create tour in a few clicks. All elements and functions you add, you can see in your tour (or single spherical panorama) immediately.

Free trial version with all functions. Try it now and create tours.

All types of the devices.
All types of the operation systems
Support all browsers.
Different screen resolutions.

Create tour editor.

This instrument allows to create virtual tours that can be show on all types of the devices. Use pano images created with any camera or software. No restrictions on the amount of panos in virtual tour. Start from single pano.
Add or remove panos from ready tour. Also possible to rearrange panos in ready tour. (It'll affect the order of panos appearance in thumbs panel, menu groups , etc.) The source pano images can be in different directories.
It is possible to select target directory for virtual tour other than for source image files. (No vtour directory in that folder).
To publish virtual tour via internet place all the content of the vtour folder on server and give link on tour.html file (for example:
To show tour on local computer start file tour_testingserver.exe from vtour folder.
To upgrade/downgrade viewer to actual version select check box when start edit tour.
When the tour was created it is good idea to save project. The project can be saved in any folder on the system.
Use saved project to quickly open tour for edit, to repair damaged tour or to undo changes during edit process.

Tour settings editor

It is a powerful tool that allows you to control the appearance of the tour and its various elements. You can add different types of animation to the beginning of the tour. Add sound to the whole tour. (It is possible to add sound to each panorama. In this case, it is not recommended to use sound for the whole tour). You can add social share buttons. It is also possible to add to the tour a powerful Google analytics tool that will count not only visits to the tour, but also various actions of users within the tour.

Tour design
This instrument allows you to use 11 pre-installed designs or create your own original tour design.
Select the "skin style" tab and in the window that opens, select one of the eleven designs for your tour.
When saving, you will receive not only a new set of buttons in the bottom menu (called a “skin”), but also a new color scheme for different elements of the tour, including the top menu, tips, etc. When you save the skin, the images for the "icon hotspots" and extraskin are also changed.
To create your own color solution of the selected design, use the tab "edit skin style".
If you are not satisfied with any of the suggested skins, remove the bottom menu by pressing the "Delete Skin" button. This will not affect other items.
To create your own set of buttons, use the layer editor. Tip: It’s a good idea to create all the layers and group them in one container. If you do not see the desired action in the drop-down list, enter it through the tab "custom action" or through direct editing of the attribute. All actions for the skin buttons can be found in the skin/vturskin.xml file inside the tour.
At any time, you can restore the default values.

Common settings.
Settings inside this tab allow you to customize the appearance of various elements within the tour. For example, you can choose whether to use the thumbs navigation? Whether to show tooltips for hotspots, points on the map, thumbs or not? Whether to use the address bar inside the tour? Whether to use a gyroscope? Whether to start the tour with "little planet" view, etc? Try to save different settings to understand how they work.

Project and tour title.
This tab allows you to name the tour. The project title will be displayed in the address bar of the browser when published on the Internet. The tour title will be displayed in the address bar of the tour. The titles may be the same or different. Try to give short names.

First scene.
This tab allows you to assign a panorama that will appear first when loading a tour. Note: The panorama is assigned programmatically and does not affect the order of the panoramas in the thumb navigation, in group menu, etc. To change the order of the panoramas, use the "rearrange panos" function in the first tab.

Select transition type.
This tab allows to select the type of the transition between panos. Note: All transition types except the default work only in HTML5 browsers.

Use extraskin.
This tab allows you to choose whether to use extraskin buttons on the tour and to assign their position on the screen.
Note: Extraskin buttons allow you to manage various types of information: sound, video, plans, galleries, html pages, social share buttons. These buttons appear only if there is information associated with this panorama. For example, you have plans for the first, second and third floors of the building represented on the tour. The "plan" button will show the plan of the floor with which this panorama is connected. Or you have audio guid for several panoramas inside your tour. The sound button will appear only inside those panoramas for which there is an audio guide and will turn on / off the corresponding sound. The same applies to galleries, videos, illustrated information. Only the social share button will be on the screen all the time (if used). Thus, the set of extraskin buttons inside the tour may be different from one panorama to other depending on the information saturation.

Start actions.
This tool allows you to animate the beginning of the tour. (Remember that you also can animate the start of each panorama).
View animation allows you to make the first panorama rotate with zoom in/out and with/without changing the type of projection. You can also set the time before the beginning of the animation and the time of changes in seconds.
Show text allows you to show text at the start of the tour, set the font size and color, the time before the start of the animation, the time when the caption fade in, the time it is displayed and the time it fade out. Simple formatting is available.
Show image allows you to show image at the start of the tour, set the start and the end alpha, the time it is fade in, the time it is displayed and the time it fade out.
All actions can be shown simultaneously. In this case, a good idea would be to reconcile their time of appearance and disappearance.
Custom actions allows you to insert your own sequence of actions.
Animation can be removed at any time.
Note: The display of program animation may vary slightly on different devices, depending on the speed of the Internet, the performance of the processor, video card, etc.

Tour logo.
Select an image, scale it, if necessary - assign transparency. Enter the link to the site. Write a tooltip.
Note: The logo interacts with the top menu and extraskin buttons. Therefore, it is located in the upper right corner. If you want to place it in another place, place the logo through the layer editor.

Tour sound.
Allows you to add sound to the whole tour. The program will prepare all the necessary formats for different types of devices. The sound will be looped. Optionally, you can choose whether the sound will play when the tour is loaded or after pressing the sound button.
Note: On ipad sound is played after pressing the sound button.

Social share.
The tool allows adding social media distribution buttons to a tour. The buttons appear as a drop-down list after clicking the icon in extaskin. The following networks are available:Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Thumblr, Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Linkedin, ВКонтакте. You can choose which networks will be used.
Write a brief description of the tour and enter the address where the tour will be located in the network. You can make a screenshot of the panorama that will be used in those networks that support it.

Google analytics.
This tool allows you to collect statistics on user visits and their activity within the tour. From the Google side, you must create an account for the tour and get a tracking ID (following google instruction). From the program side, you need to enter this identification number and select which user actions you are going to monitor. The program itself will add all the necessary scripts in the tour.
Available user activity: load new pano, hotspot click, enter vr, social share, show image, open infobox, open video, open gallery, open plan.

Scene settings editor
Layer editor

Allows to create user interface in tour.
Adds image and text layers.
Control of position and appearance of the layers.
It's possible to group layers into containers.
Adjust any action on layer click.
Directly set value of any attribute via attribute editor.
Add, edit or delete layer at any moment.

Hotspot editor

Allows to create all types of the hotspots for any purposes.
Control of position and appearance of the hotspots.
Adjust any action on hotspot click.
Directly set value of any attribute via attribute editor.
Add, edit or delete hotspots at any moment.

Available types: Map editor
Video editor
Menu editor
Gallery editor
Image editor
Html-page (info) editor
Extra skin
Social share plugin
Google Analitic plugin

Some settings that are not available in editors may be changed in openstyle.xml.
This makes virtual tour completely customizable.
Available styles for:

Edit notes:
It is possible to edit tour.xml in any external editor. Save your changes and reload tour.
It is also possible to edit tour in Krpano Tools editor. Be careful with krpano version in this case.

VR notes:

  1. It is better to select vr-optimized droplet to create tour or add scenes, if you show tour only in vr mode. In other case use multires droplet (default).
  2. Only image and textfield-vr hotspots are available.
  3. All layers and other hotspot disappears in vr-mode.
  4. Only "load scene" available as hotspot action. All other actions does not work proper way.
  5. Test tour in external browser.

PanoVideo Creator

PanoVideo Creator is the WYSIWYG editor that allows to prepare 360 video (panovideo) files to show on different devices, combine video into virtual tours, create the user interface and add different types of interactions.
The editor is based on krpano viewer (use version 1.19.5 and higher) and PanoVideo Converter.
Creates video and static interface. Allows to edit video and static tours.

Free trial version with all functions. 10 days of free usage. Try it now and create tours.

PanoVideo Creator Pro

The main advantages:

PanoVideo Converter (free)

PanoVideo Converter is the free program aims to prepare panovideo, video and audio to publish in virtual tours.
Converter creates a set of files that provides the show of the virtual tour in all types of devices.

PanoVideo Converter is the set of instruments: